mid-day poem, April 28, 2015





The old songwriters

Were romantics

They composed on pianos, not guitars

And wore ties to work

They wrote songs for other people to sing.

Not simple chord progressions, no easy rhymes

But surprising lyrics and unpredictable melodies

So much labor

To produce what seemed so natural and spontaneous

As if it had always been there

And was simply picked out of the air.



They wrote of love unrequited

Of moonlight and roses

Of loneliness and disappointment

Of champagne and caviar

Of longing and waiting

Ribbons and gardenias


When their songs are played today

Some say “You mean people used to feel that way?”


Copyright 2015

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2 Responses to mid-day poem, April 28, 2015

  1. From the hottest song of the year, Uptown Funk, Mark Ronson gives us this:

    This hit
    That ice cold
    Michelle Pfeiffer
    That white gold
    This one, for them hood girls
    Them good girls
    Straight masterpieces
    Stylin’, while in
    Livin’ it up in the city
    Got Chucks on with Saint Laurent
    Gotta kiss myself I’m so pretty

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