Evening Poem, April 20, 2015




How many times do you have to hear it said?

Creativity is about willingness to fail.

You don’t wait on the Great American Novel

And its not all or nothing.

It’s getting it down

And getting it out.

Sit down and tell your inner critic

That guy in the front part of your brain

To shut his trap

Now let that other animal dance and scream

Hear the music

It gets louder as you go

Just cut loose

Like some jazz saxophone

Just play and let your body move

Just blow, high and low

Smile inside

You know what The Beats did

Typed a hundred words a minute

Think they ever regretted it?

Not every day is a grand slam

But when you put the ball in play

Good things happen

You were meant to do this

It’s what makes time stand still

Someday you might look back on this day’s poem

And remember that rush of blood to the brain.

You’ll say “Did I do that, man?  Did I do that?”

Swing the bat, man.

Swing the bat.

Copyright 2015

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