Morning Poem, April 16, 2015


Morning Commute


The road is closed

There’s a train on the track

And ten cars behind you now

So you can’t turn back


The road is closed

There’s a wreck up ahead

Blue lights are flashing

You shouldda stayed in bed.


The road is closed

Truck’s stopped in this lane

He’s unloading apples

You’ll be late again.


The road is closed

Men are fixing the holes

Leanin’ on their shovels

Playing their roles.


The road is closed

It’s a natural disaster

You should have ridden a horse

You’d a gone much faster.


The road is closed

You ain’t goin’ nowhere

You’re in West Virginia

Your stuck right there.


Copyright 2015

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4 Responses to Morning Poem, April 16, 2015

  1. As i read this there was a hip hop song playing in the background. It fit this poem perfectly.

  2. labeak52 says:

    I was thinking more early Dylan, but, hey, whatever works. Maybe we should set it to music. With our bad selves.

  3. labeak52 says:

    Being a fellow Saint Albanian, you should find this easy to relate to.

  4. Except my morning commute is less than one mile and I don’t have to cross the tracks.

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