Midnight Poem #2, April 1, 2015

We’d traveled two hundred miles that morning

The four of us in a mini-van

Packed in with everything we needed

For a week at the beach.

We had not planned to stop at Ocracoke

We had forty miles left to travel north to Nags Head

But we decided to break and look at the beach there

And we saw the waves breaking evenly in that long water

That all of us could easily wade

We knew the kids would want to run in

But that would have involved unpacking bathing suits and towels

And, inevitably, sand all over the van and all over our neatly-packed stuff

And a late arrival

But we did it, anyway

And stood waist deep in the warm water and sunlight

And body-surfed the friendly waves

There were two old men there

White, but not weak with age

They were tall men who had served with each other in the war

And this was their reunion, some forty years hence

These waves were kind to us

Lifting us up and carrying us a football field and landing us like gliding kites

Onto the soft sand.

Copyright 2015

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