Midnight Poem, March 31, 2015


Here’s what we’ll do

We’ll drive south till the weather warms

And we see the purple wisteria

Hanging from the old houses and trees.


We’ve done it before, you know

I remember that those vines bloom first

Heavy bosoms of blossoms

Like bunches of grapes

With a scent from the happiest daydream.

Those vines bloom first

Like they are telling the rest of nature

To wake up

Or maybe it’s just taking advantage

Of the first, best days of Spring

Parading that deep color in that time of brown and grey

Having the world to itself.


Let’s have the world to ourselves

And show our true colors

Let’s take the best of everything.

That would fit us, you know.


You don’t believe me

But I know there must be a place

Somewhere at one of those beaches

Where the juke box still plays our songs

Slow dances with tunes so familiar

That our bodies will move together

Like we’d rehearsed for years

Even though you know I can’t dance.


It would do us both a world of good

To relax there and not worry who might be watching.

To let ourselves fall backward into that sweet music

Into those words that tell our story, over and over.


I’d like to go back and live those first years again

I’d even like to go further back and know you and have you

Before I knew or had you

I’m convinced now that there is nothing better

Nothing that would fit me better

Nothing that would satisfy me more

Than to have you before I had you

I know why I was lonely and why nothing worked before

I was waiting for you


And now that time has taught me what

I needed to know

Can’t we cheat it somehow

And go back and know each other

And have each other

Before we knew or had each other

If we could cheat time this way

It would stand still as we danced

I just know it.

Copyright 2015

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