Morning Poem, March 30, 2015

Clayton Kershaw stands on the mound like a statue

Bigger than life

I don’t know whether he was made for this game

Or this game was made for him

But he is fearless

And ready to go

His proportions and dimensions are awesome

He is calm with the knowledge

That his best is as good as it gets

That his best is good enough.


His exaggerated stretch to the sky

Pitching hand and ball hidden within the glove

Held for a long moment

“What’s coming,” ¬†the batter wonders

His high-kick, knee to the chest, and then

The little hitch as he drops to deliver

His arm like the sling of a god

The ball spins out of his hand

Humming as the seams scrape against the air

It follows no straight line

But arcs like an orbiting planet

Toward the batter.

Copyright 2015

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1 Response to Morning Poem, March 30, 2015

  1. Baseball poetry. Who knew? You’ve just given me an idea.

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