morning poem, march 24, 2015

The early light pours through every window

And it bathes the Earth

Drawing up every sleeping blade of grass

And surrounding every twig of each heaven- pointing branch

Still brittle from winter’s long death.

Its pull is magnetic

Summoning from the red mud below

Through the soft, white roots forever in darkness

The water of life

Into green leaf and yellow bud.

Oh, breathe

And drink deeply of this taste of life

And bask in this first warmth

The Earth is now new and washed clean

Let yourself know that it will last forever

And multiply and teem with all things new;

Every promised thing.

Know that the very depth of longing

Shall be satisfied

And every mouth filled.

This is the gospel

These are the very words of God:

It is life and not death

That will prevail.

Open your heart to the light

Don’t be afraid.

Copyright 2015

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1 Response to morning poem, march 24, 2015

  1. Your work is getting deeper.

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