afternoon poem, march 23, 2015


The lawns have emerged from the snow and ice looking frumpy

With tufts leaning this way and that,

as if the whole yard had just got out of bed.

And the leaves that October’s rakes missed

Are scattered here and there

Like dirty socks on a bedroom floor

Every now and then a paper or plastic wrapper shifts with the wind

Once hidden in snow and now glaring in the grass


The breeze is gentle and steady as breathing

And it tinkles the neighbor’s chimes

It’s five o’clock and the sun is still high in the sky

The rays direct enough now to warm the walls of houses


Cars glide on clear pavement

No circling crinkle and metal crush of tire chains

No slipping or sliding, no slap of windshield wipers

These machines seem to be smiling

As their chrome mouths glint in the sunlight

They no longer labor

But whisk along

As if this were the very thing they were made for

Kids with windows down

Music booming

The bass shakes the very ground


In the far distance, a chainsaw strains

Clearing the last of the winter’s damage.


Copyright 2015

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