Evening Poem, March 16, 2015

I’ll buy a little house on a corner

One with back windows that look out onto the edge of the woods

And flower beds in front of the porch.

I’ll keep a yellow-straw broom on that porch

And sweep every summer morning

Brushing  away the dust of the night and dew of the morning.


I’ll find an old coaster seat and

Sit in the morning sun and in the evening shade

Wait for the mailman

Watch the breeze bend the branches of the lindens

And feel the coming of the rain

I will rest my bones and know my neighbors

And call hello to those who walk past.


I will leave the windows open on warm nights

So the aroma of the trees and the flowers and the earth

Can reach me

And I will sleep without dreaming


I’ll buy an old house

Whose halls have known the footfalls

Of happy years.


Copyright 2015

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