Morning Poem, March 4, 2015




In August the club pool closed at nine o’clock

those members were too old or too young

to know that the best was still to come

that after dark the cool air on their wet skin

would be a thrill and that to dive into the blue water

now warmer than the air

was to immerse oneself in the womb of the earth

we knew all these things and more in our wordless way

and we waited at the far end of the lot

for Jim to blow his whistle and send the little crowd home.

We shinnied under the back fence

and without a word hit the water, reveling in the sweetness of our larceny. 

After an hour or so we were not tired, but wired up for the journey ahead. 

The escape from the fixed order of that littel town.  From all those things that

hemmed us in and limited us

and into limitless possibility. 

“You guys had enough?” Jim asked and we had and he killed the last light and locked the gates and we jumped into the car and left everything that held us back behind. 

So we thought.


Copyright 2015


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2 Responses to Morning Poem, March 4, 2015

  1. M. Alden says:

    Immerses the reader in summer nostalgia and catches them off guard by the final line. Fantastic poem!

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