Number One

About an hour ago, I checked the sales reports for my book, In The Forest Of The Night.  In its own (very narrow, I’ll bet) category of Literary Fiction/Murde3r Mysteries, it was listed as number one.  I know, I know, what’s the big deal when you are giving it away.  Well, this – there are hundreds, if not thousands of ebooks being given away on Amazon, even as you read this.  And mine – in its limited category, is outdoing all of them.  Hurrah.  Just for being #1 at anything.

The other reason it’s a big deal is this: now I can realistically think that someone, somewhere in this big, old world of ours, is reading my book – right now!

It will be downloadable for free for about 24 more hours.  Please tell all your friends.  Retweet, Facebook, blog!  Here, once again, is the link:


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