Morning Poem: February24, 2015



The morning drill is the same

Find the pans, break the eggs

Put the bacon on the griddle.

All in the right, practiced order

Don’t lose a step

Don’t waste a moment

Out the door by seven-thirty.


It’s still dark and I take a flashlight from a drawer

and shine it on the back-porch thermometer

Four degrees.

But putting the flashlight back

I notice a thin paperback book

Someone has pulled this from the attic.

On the cover ARCHERY

And a photograph of two handsome young people

In the sunshine and grass

pulling arrows from that big, round target.


They are not in any hurry

There is no rude chill, no frozen ground, no slick pavement

They are not about to be late

not in danger of forgetting something

that has to go to the office today

Not wondering whether the car will start this morning.


When is spring coming?

When is it that work will lead to something

Other than more work?

When is the day that I will

stand in the sunshine and grass

relaxed and unhurried.


Copyright 2015

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