Markings in The Snow

It is late afternoon in late winter

This season’s only great snow still covers the ground

Sparkling in the long-angled evening light

The roads have been plowed and driveways scraped

But the lawns and fields are still perfect, unbroken white.


I scan the back field

Marveling at nature’s careful architecture

Ten billion tiny crystals, fit together in an even blanket

a perfect smooth covering of the earth


Then I see it

Some marking in the snow

There just below the knoll

Nothing leads to it, or away

And there is no characteristic imprint,

No sign of feather or wing

No track of dog or cat

I study the marks and find no words for them

It is not exactly a swirl

Not exactly a sink

I have no comparison, no analogy

These markings are like nothing else

But I have seen this before

Evidence forever unexplained, like some ancient petroglyph.

Copyright 2015

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