Morning Post: February 12, 2015

The School Library, Part 2

The other thing that I found that one could do in the library on those early mornings was this: nothing.  One could cross his arms before him on the table and rest his head and stare out the tall windows into the mornings – some misty, some clear and sunny.   As long as you were quiet, Miss Delaney wouldn’t say a thing to you.  There were plenty of days when I fell into that relaxed state in the quiet of that safe and beautiful chamber.  In fact, I remember looking out at a lineman saddled high in a power pole just outside the school.  He worked silently and almost without movement, confident of his grip so high above the ground, confident of his own skill, his own knowledge, surely understanding just what needed to be done to make things work again; to keep this world safe and warm; to allow me to continue rest there, dreaming.

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