After The Solstice

This morning I rose before the alarm.  Don’t know exactly why, but I had some new energy, some new will to get our of bed and get started.  I had nothing particular to start on.  I’m still on a holiday schedule.

But when I got downstairs and looked out the windows, I let myself think I could actually tell that the sunrise was a bit earlier today.  That the solstice – the time of long darkness – has passed and, in one sense – an astrological sense, maybe – spring has already begun.  There is more light today than yesterday, and tomorrow there will be even more than today.  Of course, more cold weather and gloom is coming.  January is in many ways the worst month for driving and for just being stuck inside the house.  But, all that being noted, the days are getting longer now, every one of them in order, and these changes are inexorable.  There will be no relapse into darkness – no backsliding into longer nights.

We are moving into light.

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