What Signs Are In The Sky

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       What Signs Are In The Sky


What would the ancients have made of this evening sky
This line of burning gold above the western ridge
The scarlet ribbon stretching like a grand hymn above?

The moderns look at the sunset and talk of peace and serenity
But would those who came before have been so comforted?

Sunlight is bright and night is dark
But what were these colors appearing in the west
At the dip of the sun
These that appear for moments, then vanish
That are unlike anything under the sun or under the stars
So much more mysterious than the light of day
So much more alive than the dark of night.

Are these the marks of serenity and rest
The happy ending of a peaceful day’s work
Or is it the glow from some cosmic battlefield
The bright sheen of some Titanic bow
Hidden just below the horizon?

Were these lights those that first beckoned men
To study the stars
The colors that convinced men that there was more
Than simply day and night; light and darkness?

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