A Common Evening

From College Hill

photo (1)

This photograph, taken with my smartphone, is the view west from the Great Room of the college ten minutes after sunset. Since we reverted to standard time, my after-work walks are right at sunset.  I miss the bright daylight a lot, but I am a firm believer that any time you can get outside is good for you, so I make the best of what I have.  I took this picture from an opened window in the old college’s great room.  On evenings like this one, with the hill so quiet and the otherworldly colors across the horizon, you almost feel yourself back in time; as if you were sitting at dinner with the first college, back in 1871. I wonder, I really do, how many people who live in this town ever seize the moments after sunset to gaze upon this magnificence.  If they would see a sunset like…

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