Sharing a Secret

I’ve been listening to rock and roll all of my life.  Started with the Beach Boys and Beatles, way, way back when.  I like the fast stuff – Steve Miller, Derek and The Dominos, Allman Brothers, you name it.

But, as you, faithful readers, will know, I also like poetry.  Or, maybe better put – I like the poetic.  That kind of thing that expresses or magnifies longing; that transports.  I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that you do, too, or you wouldn’t be hanging around here.

So, here is my secret – my gift and reward to you all for reading and “liking” and sometimes commenting on my poetry posted here.  If you love the kind of poetry that I do and you’d like to hear more of it, please take this recommendation:  Listen to Van Morrison’s “On Hyndford Street.”

Even if you love the Van-man and listen to his stuff regularly – like me – you might have missed this relatively obscure cut that is on his album “Hymns to The Silence.”

It’s not particularly melodic and some would argue that it isn’t even really a song. But I guarantee you that if you give it a fair chance it will leave you, in its own words, “feeling wondrous and lit up inside.”

Happy listening.  And thanks.


Here’s the link:




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1 Response to Sharing a Secret

  1. There was a time when listening to music meant sitting in the basement, the vinyl LP on the turntable, the music playing as you read the lyrics on the album liner and read all the notes on the album cover. You’d listen to the music over and over again, letting the meaning of each song sink in. That’s what “On Hynford Street” reminds me of. You don’t get in just one take. And the more you listen, the more meaningful it becomes.

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