Beach Music




And the beach is still warm

But no longer crowded.

After a day in the sun

We dress – shirt and slacks for me

A long, silk dress for her

And walk to the harbor for dinner.

Summer’s long lines are gone

We step through an open doorway,

Tell the waiter “two, please”

And sit down alone

Amid racks of wine bottles

And empty tables

Set with white cloths and flowers.


A piano player improvises

Tunes from Bacharach and David

And old movie themes

A waitress hurries by

To answer the question

Of another couple at the door

“Oh, yes,” she says.

If she is faking excitement

She is faking it very well

“The Headliners are playing tonight”

As if this name is something

That everyone ought to know.

We dine on salmon and shrimp.


Out the door

A crowd has now gathered

All retirees and empty-nesters

And the band

The Headliners, I guess,

Opens with an unhurried version

Of “Daddy’s Home.”

It’s beach music

As Carolinian as pork barbeque

Filled with sweet harmonies

And buoyant as the breeze above the open ocean

Couples – he’s bald and she’s overweight

Move lightly, without mistake

Twirling and juking

To what they know and love

Underneath the violet, sunset sky.

It looks so comfortable

And suggests that this is the way it was all intended

Who could have wanted it to be any other way?


As we leave, the band asks the musical question

Does anybody really know what time it is?

Does anybody really care?


copyright 2014


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