Back To School

You cannot get all there is

All that is there for you

All that you are supposed to get

The romance and destiny that life has to offer

By filling in forms

By finding out just what the teacher wants

Those things that have gotten others by in the past



This is not the same old thing

This is life

what God has planned for you

and the walls of the school

like the rocks and trees

are just about to break into song

The ceilings are just about to clap their hands


Don’t roll your eyes

The Israelites wanted to go back to Egypt, you know

Even after the Red Sea was parted for them



It is not even just about working harder

It is about falling in love

It is about hearing the music

Seeing the colors

It is about chasing that beautiful bird and catching it

It is about getting up early

Not because of the alarm

But because you want to start the fight

You know what you would miss


It is not about running faster

It is about flying.

Copyright 2014


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