Morning Poem, August 18, 2014

Late Night


Sleepless at one-thirty

I rise and open a window

for a draught of real air.

It is silent outside,

I’ve outlasted

even the crickets and cicadas.

Street lamps,

one near and one far

make crosses of light –

star-crosses –

one large and one small

on the windowscreen.

The damp, late-summer air

holds the pleasant scent

of new-cut lawns.

In the darkness

the once rigid lines

of neighbors’ walls and roof

and intersecting streets

are softened.

Then a faint light on one corner of my yard

and now shadows of tree-trunks and lamp post

stretch long and fan away

across the even grass.

The car

itself a dark rectangle between the washing flash of headlamp

and tail-light painting the pavement red behind

whispers by my window.

I hear the roll of the tires over the asphalt.

It disappears down the hill

and my still-life

is transformed into an unknowable mystery.





Copyright 2014

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