Help, Blogger, Please

I am trying to get some idea of how many people are reading or at least opening my blog page.  WordPress gives me a “site stats” page, but I know that what’s there is not accurate.  I get more “likes” from readers around the world than I get hits registering on the Site Stats page.

There’s a dotted line in the upper left hand corner of the screen, too.   When you run the mouse over it, you get a purported average of “site views per hour for the last 48 hours.”  This number seems more realistic to me.

But, I am still baffled by the difference on my Site Stats page and what appears up there when I run the mouse over that line.

Can anybody out there explain this to me?

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3 Responses to Help, Blogger, Please

  1. Is the dotted line view counter on the home page or dashboard? I don’t seem to have that feature.

  2. Scroll to the bottom for help on your question.

  3. labeak52 says:

    It’s on the home page. It tells me I’m getting about 20 site views an hour. That is an improvement.

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