Morning Poem, August 10, 2014

The Lives Of The Mystics: A Psalm

This psalm was found during the 1941 excavation of a second-century monastery near in the village of Tokat in what is now Turkey. A team of archaeologists from a university in the northeastern United States found a scroll of the Psalms of David. This poem was written on a separate rectangle of parchment rolled up inside the scroll. Although the structure and mode of expression in this psalm are similar to that of the Hebrew poetry of David’s day, no external evidence has been found to verify or even suggest that he authored this poem.



The rewards of faithfulness

come late

and out of due time

but they are sweeping

as the tide

and overflow

like the cascading river.

They shock and stagger

even the grandest desire

and overwhelm the fondest imagining.

For the deserving, they are

more than what might have been merited;

more than anyone might have claimed

or argued for.

Even the idolator

cannot turn his head away.

The rewards of the faithful show him

the coldness of his own heart.

They show the covetous

his lust is an abandoned shack

and his imaginings a dry place where there is no light;

neither sun nor lamp.

But the hand that was open

and did not grasp

shall be filled.

The Lord will act

and his late graces shall flood every place

that the obedient has emptied

and never subside.

These gifts belong to the servant

just as his voice or his name

they can never be taken away.

Copyright 2014

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