Evening Poems, August 10, 2014

Here are two short poems for the evening.  I wrote both of them years ago.  The first is an attempt at haiku and the other is taken from my novel, In The Forest Of The Night.   As always, I hope you enjoy them.  Comments are welcome.



A ticket

between the walk and grass

drowns in grey,

Sunday-morning rain.



Jack Sampson’s English-Class Poem – 1969

Something wakes me without sounding

Nothing stirs, I hear my breath

I look out my bedroom window

Into darkness, into death.

Still I move the blanket over

Shiver with the morning cold

I look through my tiny window

Still the darkness; all is old.

Yet I heed the voice that calls me

Down the stairs and there I see

My father’s full and tended table

and there a plate and cup for me.

Fed and clothed, I start my journey

With a strength that conquers night

I walk out an open doorway

Into morning, into light.


Copyright (both works) 2014

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