What I Love About Blogging (X): Permanence

Once I press the Publish button, the work has a permanent place in that great cloud in the sky.  It will not get lost in a desk drawer, inadvertently given away between the pages of a lent book or reduced by a lightning storm to a scramble of electrons on some damaged hard drive.  If I think about a poem or other post some day ten years from now, I’ll probably remember enough about it to find it in Archives – or maybe even by Googling a phrase or two.  I won’t be stuck thinking I wish I could remember that line.  Oh, what was that verse again?  What did I say about this or that?  I know I said something. . . .

The downside to such immediate and long-lasting availability, of course, is that you’ll see it as it is, warts and all.  The longer a poem stays lost, the better it was.


Copyright 2014

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