What I Love About Blogging (VII): Freedom, Resistance, New Voices

The blogosphere is a place of unprecented freedom.  It is new country, largely unregulated, where anybody can say just about whatever they want to say.  And if you look around long enough, you will find voices – unique and worthwhile voices – that you would never have otherwise heard.

Here is one such voice – Mr. Money Moustache – his writing is, on the surface at least, all about household finance.  How you can save some bucks by doing it yourself or making wiser spending decisions.  But there is more beneath.  The zeitgeist that you and I face today – the Leviathan, if you will – works 24/7 to reduce you and me to mindless, dependent, docile consumers.  If I am any judge of the profiles of the readers of this blog, that last statement will not be hard for you to accept.  It seems like all of you are readers of the dystopian literature of the last century – Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, Ray Bradbury.

What I mean to say is this: in this day and age every frugality and every prudence is an act of independence and resistance.  Every denial of the world the advertisers dangle is a step toward truth – a step toward freedom.


Copyright 2014

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