I Got Something I Wanted

Over the past few days, I have gotten something I’ve been wanting for a long time. Readers! Somehow or another, after these many months, I have pushed the magic button or reached critical mass and have started to receive emails by the dozen telling me that so and so liked a post of mine or that someone else has started following my blog. Well, that’s kind of the point of it, isn’t it? Who wants to blog to an empty room? So, as they say in Louisiana, Happy, Happy, Happy.

And, of course, welcome.

Just like everyone else, though, I’m never fully satisfied.  I’ve been reading profiles and I’m impressed that the followers of this blog are a mighty  thoughtful and literate bunch.  What do I want now (for this blog, at least)? Comments. Come on you poets and novelists and essayists.   Don’t just push the “like” button. Tell me – and others – what you liked.


Or didn’t like.

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